Over three days during the week of March 30th, Jasfel Analytics conducted an informal survey of 25+ local stores in high-density and mixed-income areas in northern NJ. These retailers consisted of local grocers, corner stores, restaurants, convenience stores with gas stations, laundromats, and pharmacies.

Here are the top two observations of this study:

  • Social Distancing: Only 10% of stores surveyed practiced social distancing inside of their facility. A staggering 100% of the stores did not practice social distancing outside of the stores.
  • Disinfection: An astonishing 100% of the stores surveyed did not sanitize high touchpoints used to enter their stores. The study observed a minimum of 25 individuals entering and leaving the stores. Most of the consumers entering and exiting the stores did utilize plastic gloves (or any hand protection) or face masks.

Major chain stores like ShopRite, Home Depot, and others in high-density areas observed social distancing and disinfection guidelines as ordered by the state.

To truly combat COVID-19, local governments must use data to track possible hotspots in the community and enforce the rules on social distancing and disinfection. If the rise in infections continues, local and state governments will bear the burden of thousands of infected residents.