Predictive Scheduling

Predicting No Shows; Intelligently Double- Booking Patients

Federally Qualified Health Care Centers (or FQHC’s) are challenged with the task of improving access to healthcare within underserved communities. There are many incentives and efforts that drive them to accomplish this goal, but their success is first dependent on efficiency and effectiveness of their internal operations.

FQHC’s must establish a strong patient-scheduling method to ensure patients are being seen regularly. Scheduling may sound like one of the simpler tasks, but it is among the hardest challenges for FQHC’s. Patient attendance to scheduled appointments has been a complicated hurdle for health centers, causing them to deal with the effects of frequent no-show patients and/or cancelled appointments.

Normally, FQHC’s are not able to predict when a patient won’t show up or when they should double-book a time slot. In many cases, they make a prediction, double-book a patient’s slot and sometimes both patients show up or neither shows up resulting in possible longer wait times or an inconvenience to providers’ schedules.  As technology and predictive modeling methods are more commonly utilized within organizations, it was expected that data experts would soon use predictive modeling to create a highly accurate solution for patient scheduling.

Jasfel Analytics’ Predictive Scheduling Solution is an innovative and groundbreaking solution that has a high accuracy rate in predicting no-shows and suggesting slots that should be double-booked.

The predictive scheduling solutions accuracy increases daily as data strategist use existing FQHC (federally qualified health care center) data and other key factors to determine the best booking strategy for schedulers. When fully implemented, this solution will allow health care centers to avoid revenue loss from missed appointments.

After conducting a deep analysis of an FQHC’s scheduling and attendance outcomes, results showed that on average, they lost about 30% of their annual revenue from poor scheduling methods which and missed appointments. This same FQHC decided to utilize the Predictive Scheduling Solution and can now access a highly functional dashboard that displays a snapshot of costs associated with appointments, projected revenue gain, predicted loss, specific patients who should be double booked and more.

This solution also makes scheduling easier and more efficient because the dashboard coded with this predictive solution does majority of the thinking for schedulers.

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