So where are Newark’s most educated residents residing? As we have seen with Amazon’s HQ2 search, skilled and educated workers are becoming a necessity for any city with aspirations of economic growth. Click here if you want to get at the data now.

With 56.7 percent of its residents earning a 4-year degree, Society Hill, a community located in the University Heights neighborhood, ranks number one in the city.  

Coming in second at 37%  is the downtown district referred to as track 80 by the US Census bureau. This area is located between Broad Street to the west, Penn Station to the east, Military Park to the North, and East Kinney Street to the south.   

In third place is the northern downtown district with 34% of its residents possessing a 4-year degree. This area includes residential areas north of Rutgers and NJIT, the Colonnades buildings.  

Click here to see data visualization and maps by area (US Census tracts).